1965  Carina Ellemers, born on 24 june in Amsterdam

1971 – 1982  follows seven schools ; graduates at last at the Montessori Lyceum in Amsterdam; follows drawinglessons at the Van Gogh museum

1985 – 1990  works at dutch tv-broadcastingcompany Vpro presents and makes programms as Young Heroes, Gasthof zum Postmodernen and Prima Vista

1984 – 1990  follows four of the five years Rietveld Academy Amsterdam (department audio visual)

1990 – 1992  follows the Rijks Academy in Amsterdam (department graphics and multimedia); makes first works sewing

1990  makes the short film Tirabina, requiem for a rhinoceros

1992  makes the short film A Question of Bread; receives a grant for starting artists of the Dutch Fund for Arts

1993 makes the short film Anna, awarded in maincompetition filmfestival Slowakia

1994  takes part in a groupshow at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam (Royal Subsidy); has a solo-show at Sanquin in Amsterdam

1995  receives of the Dutch Fund for Arts a grant for artiststakes part in a groupshow in galery Van Gelder in Amsterdam; takes part in a groupshow at Arti in Amsterdam

1996  makes the short film Moving Pictures one; small solo-show at galery Van Gelder in Amsterdam; takes part in a groupshow at Sanquin in Amsterdam

1997  acts mainpart in the film Sepio by filmmaker Frans van de Staak; makes together with Barbara Hin innitiated by Filmstad The Hague the short film The Box

1998  makes the short film Moving Pictures two

1999  makes the  short film Moving Pictures three, Diabolo with Wilfried de Jong; does research for organtransplantation for a feauture film with as resaerch question how organtransplantation is related to the passion of the body

2001 does sound in coöperation with soundengineer Jac Vleeshouwer for the feature film Magonia in France, The Netherlands and Georgia; does editing for the documentary 'De Onderste Steen' by Guido van Driel

2002  makes documentary Fail or Pass, broadcasted by Human and awarded in the maincompetition of the Filmfestival in Thessaloniki in Greece

2003takes part in a groupshow in Arti Amsterdam

2004makes the play for voices Strange (which originates from research on how organtransplantation relates to the passion of the body ); the play for voices is broadcasted on the radio Human; is sent in as Dutch entry of 2004 to the Radio Festival in New York and Prix Europa in Berlin

2004  travels to Indonesia, does camera, sound, production and editing; films photographer Tijn van Dijk during his fotoproject  (in which Tijn - born in Jakarta as Tino Djumini, at the ae of three adopted by Dutch  - the significance of familieportraits)

2005  travels to Indonesia, films Tijn van Dijk, who names himself Tino Djumini and lives in Indonesia as he marries with Desi; takes part in a groupshow in Cemara Art gallery Jakarta

2006  travels to Indonesia, films Tino and Desi having a child

2006 – 2007  of research for a film about organtransplantatie originates tht feature film scenario Pure

2007  the documentary Tijn… Tino, adopted photographer in search of familyportrait is broadcasted on television with Human; Moving Pictures three, Diabolo is shown in ‘a night of short art films’ in the Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy Amsterdam

2007 – 2008  writes the scenario Amsterdam keeps silence

2008  takes part in a groupshow at Ton de Boer Amsterdam, show at Ton de Boer

2009  show Kraijenhoff

2008 – 2010  gives workshops o.a.in coöperation with School of Poetry; making film with poetry

2010  groupshow at Ton de Boer

2011  solo-show ‘Stof’ at Studio Dorens; three groupshows with Franzis Engels; makes book Come to senses with oversight of works

2012  travels to Ghana for research for the filmproject ‘What Real African Women Wear’; has solo-show ‘Flower, square, skull’ in Boterhal in Hoorn

2013  developpes with producer SeriousFilm a serie of six about the significance of Saint Nicolas in six European countries; groupshow Franzis Engels; groupshow Rijksmuseum Twenthe – Paths to Paradise  assembled by Atte Jongstra; solo-show at a home next to Jewishs Historic Museum Amsterdam


2014 Fitax500 at W139 art-trade; solo-show Pintohuis; groupshow Galerie Espace Enny with Eric de Nie, Jan Maarten Voskuil, Marian Bijlenga, Mark van Overeem en Carina Ellemers; groupshow 'Hommage' Kasteel Keukenhof


2015 groupshow Sanquin; Witteveen One size fits all; DAK duo-show 'Carina Ellemers and Arno Kramer I presume' Utrecht: groupshow Artes Foundation Modest Masters 1 with Pieter Bijwaard, Gerda Teljeur, Richard Caldicott, Sanne Bruggink, Luuk de Haan, Christiaan Kuitwaard and Carina Ellemers Bergen: trio-show LaKaserna Bad Nieuwe Schans with Marian Bijlenga, Irene van de Mheen and Carina Ellemers


2016 soloshow 'Stitched Paintings' Kersan Studio Yogjakarta Indonesia ; three groupshows 'Uniciteit, authenticiteit' with Roni Katz, Barbara Broekman, Emmy Bergsma, Erik Mattijssen, Hanna Vosseberg; Galerie Espace Enny; groupshow 'Minimal Frequencies' Arti Amsterdam with Pieter Bijwaard, Gerda Teljeur, Richard Caldicott, Sanne Bruggink, Christiaan Kuitwaard and Carina Ellemers groupshow Witteveen with a.o. Berend Strik, Koen Doodeman, Alet Pilon; groupshow Studio Van Dusseldorp Tilburg with Eric de Nie, Jan Maarten Voskuil, Marian Bijlenga, Simon Oud, Lam de Wolf and Carina Ellemers

2017 ---expected --- soloshow Code Rood in De kleine kapel Arnhem; soloshow München Crossover Artgallery Germany